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Rental property management report Ontario, canada

Property Management Reporting in GTA

We are well aware of how we manage your property today will greatly impact its value in the future. Therefore it is important that we maximize the productivity of each and every Directors meeting.

This is achieved by the delivery of a management update in advance on the Friday before each meeting allowing the Directors to review, prepare and contemplate the matters at hand prior to their arrival. Time will be allotted at the meeting to focus on each item and select a course of action which fits best with your community. We also ensure our Directors are current on all legislative and technological advances and the potential impact they may have on your condominium.

Maple Ridge believes that successful property management is forged in a team relationship between our offices and the Board of Directors and is built on a foundation of communication backed by dependable and effective service. Continuous communication between your Property Manager and the Board is absolutely essential, supplemented by an ongoing dialogue between the Board and management executive, which is encouraged and promoted.

Brock has developed a standard Management Update providing a thorough review of resident concerns, ongoing projects, repairs and financial position. The contents of the Management Update can be tailored to meet each client’s individual information requirements.

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